Hi, I'm Jae Young

- but you can just call me Jae ✌️

I am an (engineer) / (minimalist) / (optimist) / (technologist) - based in the New York metropolitan area focusing in front end development. I code in Python, Javascript, and Swift (but, mainly just javascript these days). I discovered my love for programming through my background in applied mathematics, my passion in design philosophy, and my hobbies in technology.


I was previously an iOS developer until the pandemic hit and stripped me of my job. I took this opportunity to dive into web development and have been perfecting my craft as a React developer since.

I love building web applications because they are the perfect medium in utilizing both design principles & problem solving skills. I pride myself in knowing how to come up with solutions and having a good eye. I strongly believe in creating responsive & visually stunning code as well as understanding how to translate a fluid user experience to the screen.

In my free time I enjoy cooking 👨🏻‍🍳, recycling my wardrobe, watching cult classic films, and expanding my newly-formed vinyl collection.



javascript-es6 html css python swift


react.js node.js redux graphql jasmine webpack babel bootstrap git sass styled-components semantic-ui bulma model-view-controller responsive-web-design restful-api mysql firebase jira vscode vim macos linux


bachelor of arts in computer science
+ new jersey institute of technology (2016-2018)
+ rutgers university (2011-2014)


+ bitcoin
bitcoin price tracking SPA built with react.js/chart.js/styled-components/axios/count-up
+ pokédex
minimal retro-themed SPA showcasing the original 151 pokémon built with react.js/axios/styled-components/react-animations
+ recipes
recipe searching SPA where you can find recipes based on certain ingredients built with react.js/axios/bulma
+ music player
music player that features a dynamic UI built with react.js/sass



whether you want to (connect with me on linkedin) / (shoot me an email) / (glance at my code) - you can simply find me below.